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Why Shouldn't You Perform Your Own Electrical Work?

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Home improvement stores have all the tools and electrical supplies that you need to perform most electrical projects, so why should you call an electrician? The obvious answer is that electricity can kill or injure you if it is not handled properly. However, there are also lesser, but still important reasons why certified electricians are better suited to perform electrical work in your home.

Safety concerns when working with electricity. 

Anyone who works with electricity must be knowledgeable about how electricity works. For example, electrical contractors are aware that as long as a circuit breaker is on, the line controlled by the breaker is active. A novice may believe that turning off a light switch cuts power to the light fixture, and attempt to work on the fixture just by turning off the switch, risking death or serious injury.

Certified electricians are also aware of the proper supplies needed for specific projects. Using the proper gauge (thickness) of wire is essential to avoid overheating and the risk of fire. Thicker wire is more expensive and difficult to use, which may convince a novice to use a gauge of wire that is not adequate for the project.

Special conditions may also require the use of specific electrical components. Damp locations require the use of GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) electrical outlets, which shut off when they detect power fluctuations, and prevent people from being electrocuted in their bathrooms.

Other difficulties faced when performing electrical work.

Electricians also face non-safety related issues when working in the home. When a house is being built, it is much easier to run electrical wiring from the circuit box to the destination. When wiring must be installed within existing walls and ceilings, there are many sources of obstruction that can challenge even the most experienced electrician.

Electrical work must also be performed with adherence to strict building codes. Certified electricians are knowledgeable about local and state codes, and will perform the work in compliance. If a homeowner does electrical work that is not in accordance with these codes, the house will not pass inspection if they decide to sell the home at a later date.

Electrical contractors have all of the specialized tools needed to complete any project, and know how to use them for maximum efficiency. They buy expensive supplies such as wire in large quantities, so they can get a better price. An average homeowner will need to either buy the tools, or attempt to improvise using common household tools, and will pay retail price for supplies.

Although some home improvement projects may be tackled by amateurs, the physical dangers of electrical work are enough by themselves to warrant a call to a professional electrician. Click for more info