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Should I Put Recessed Lighting In My Home?

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One interesting way that you can add variety to the lighting in your house is with recessed lighting. Recessed lights, sometimes referred to as canister lights, are set back in holes placed in the ceiling rather than by hanging fixtures. It helps creates an appearance that can blend in with the rooms that they are in, while still able to completely illuminate a room. Here are some benefits to using recessed lighting, as well as tips for placement

Recessed Lighting Benefits

Streamlined Look

Many homeowners like the look of their recessed lighting because it is streamlined. The lighting grid pattern can be very symmetrical, which creates an interesting visual appeal while also blending in. It can even be used in living rooms where lighting fixtures typically are not hung from the ceiling.

Versatile Lighting Situations

Recessed lighting gives you an opportunity to place lights in areas you wouldn't normally put a light fixture. For example, you can place recessed lighting directly above a desk in the corner of a room to help provide much-needed light while saving space by eliminating the need for a lamp.

It's completely normal to have multiple light canisters in the ceiling where groups of lights operate off a single light switch. This lets you have lighting moods for when you want the room to be brightly lit, or maybe darken the part of the room behind a TV to help increase your viewing experience.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting does not always need to serve a practical purpose because it can also help decorate a room. Consider using recessed lighting in ways that allow you to light up a piece of artwork or even illuminate a section of a room with a fireplace.

The lighting can help provide certain ambience to a room that is just not possible with other light fixtures.

Installation Tips

The biggest mistake that you can make when installing your recessed lighting is incorrect spacing. A good rule of thumb when deciding on spacing is to base it off the ceiling height. Divide the height by 2 in order to determine how far apart lights should be spaced. For example, a 10-foot high ceiling will work best with recessed lighting canisters 5 feet apart from each other.

Installing brand new recessed lighting can be a big job, and you can damage your ceiling if you are not careful. Contact a local electrician in your area for a price quote, and see if they can handle the whole job for you